Sleep and rest disorders are increasingly common. Stress, jet lag or rotating work shifts create sleep problems and difficulty for many people. Sound familiar?

Melatonin is the substance in charge of regulating sleep cycles, improving their quality. If you have problems sleeping, your levels may be altered.

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Melatonin is a substance produced in the brain and whose primary function is to regulate sleep-wake cycles. In addition to its sleep health benefits, melatonin is known for its antioxidant power and is widely used to combat the effects of aging.

In which circumstances would taking melatonin be useful? Melatonin may be useful for people who travel and suffer jet lag and for older persons as melatonin levels deregulate throughout the years. Additionally, the gummy format is especially recommendable in these cases as many persons over time have difficulty swallowing capsules or pills.

Melatonin is also important for people who work rotating shifts.  

Finally, get the deep restful sleep you need with a single gummy!

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