Vitamins and minerals are compounds found naturally in food. They are considered necessary for the body as it is not capable of synthesizing them and they must be consumed in the diet in order to ensure optimal health.

Vitamins are organic substances in charge of various functions related to growth, health maintenance and normal functioning of the human body. For example, vitamins are necessary for energy metabolism, some act as antioxidants, they are necessary for processes such as cell division, activity of enzymes, organs and systems. Vitamins must be consumed regularly in food since the body's capacity to store them is limited, especially for water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C and Group B Vitamins.

Minerals are inorganic compounds necessary for the formation of bones (calcium), transport of oxygen (iron) and enzyme and hormone functions. Some minerals are needed in larger quantities than others. However, if it is a mineral with a function in the human body, it is important that you always have a sufficient quantity.


Lack of vitamins and minerals may give rise to illnesses that only consumption of the required nutrient can resolve.

Who has not enjoyed sweets as a child? Obviously, taking supplements in gummy form changes the perception and sensations that we feel 180 degrees. Eating gummies is nothing like swallowing capsules or pills. Starting now, you can enjoy a sweet tasty pleasure full of nutrients.

Additionally, it is estimated that a high number of people have some degree of difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, especially older people. Likewise, when taking several doses and products every day, be it supplements or medication, gummies are much more tolerable.

The ingredients used to produce Weider Gummies have been studied in order to maintain their efficacy during the manufacturing process of the gummies and throughout their useful lives.

Some gummies are produced with gelatin and others with pectin. Production with gelatin is of 100% bovine origin and in accordance with all health controls required by current legislation. Gelatin is a natural protein facilitating the rubbery texture that results in the gummy.

You can split the gummies and take them in smaller portions or distribute them throughout the day. This has no effect on the active ingredients of the gummy.

Pectin is a type of carbohydrate found in fruit. The pectin we use comes from apple pomace. This is a natural ingredient, which, along with sugar, facilitates gelation of the mass in order to form the gummies.

What is the difference between pectin and gelatin gummies? Why are some gummies made with pectin and others with gelatin?

The characteristics of the active ingredients used in each gummy determines which base to use. Depending on the chemical characteristics of the ingredients, it may be better to use pectin or gelatin as the gelling agent.

Additionally, pectin is a vegetable gelling agent, and in certain cases we have selected pectin in order to offer a product suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Nevertheless, when producing gummies without adding sugar, we use gelatin.

Pectin produces a soft, easy to chew gummy, while gelatin offers a different texture for the palate; more rubbery and chewy.

And you, do you prefer gelatin or pectin?

Weider Gummies are produced with 100% gluten-free ingredients. Additionally, we perform a gluten analysis on each finished product batch in order to ensure that our products are 100% gluten-free.

Perhaps you are used to taking capsules and pills with water and thus, this doubt arises when taking gummies. It is not necessary, you can take them any time, any place.

Weider Gummies are manufactured in a facility that handles no allergens.

Weider Gummy Up are gummies developed for adults. While their format may be attractive to children, it is not recommended to provide this type of supplement without asking a health professional. Additionally, in order to prevent any confusion, the bottle has been designed with a child safety cap.

Certain varieties of Weider Gummies are developed without sugar, adding not a single extra kcal to your diet.

In addition to all the benefits of the gummies, you don't have to worry about cheating on your diet or the condition of your teeth. We've thought of everything!

Weider Gummies have been developed using certain common sweeteners such as polyols, among which are maltitol and sorbitol.

Polyols are a very healthy and light alternative to traditional sweeteners such as sugar. These ingredients are completely safe and are used more and more for all types of sweet products as they offer great sweetening power with a lower calorific value.

It is NOT recommended to exceed the dose indicated for each product. Keep in mind that while gummies are attractive, they are a nutritional supplement and the indications for use must be followed for each type of gummy.

Omega Up

Essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 are fundamental for proper functioning of the body. Among other functions they are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and support cardiovascular care. However, they cannot be synthesized in the body and therefore consumption through food is fundamental.

On certain occasions, our diets do not provide the necessary quantity of essential fatty acids, resulting in deficiency. This may occur either due to the amount of fat in the diet being too low or due to the absence of food containing fatty acids; the latter generally resulting from diets poor in oily fish, vegetarian or low-fat weight-loss diets.

The daily dose of Omega Up is 2 delicious gummies with a pleasing lime taste.

The Perilla, an Asian plant, is a significant vegetable source of essential fatty acids.

Being a vegetable source, the fatty acids are very powerful.

With these spongy gummies, you can reinforce your diet with essential fatty acids any time of the day. How many more would you like?

It may be combined with any other type of supplement, without restriction.

Immune Up

Echinacea is a plant rich in active ingredients, widely used traditionally to strengthen the immune system and bolster the body's defenses.

Its use is especially useful in moments of stress, seasonal changes, cold days or in any other situation in which the immune system may be weakened.

The daily dose of Immune Up is 2 gummies with a pleasing lime taste and may be combined with any other supplements. The only thing to take into account is that it already provides a high dose of vitamins in your diet.

They can be taken at any moment of the day. For their fruity flavor and soft texture, you'll want one any time!

Vitamin C Up

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It delays the onset of fatigue, it is necessary for proper functioning of the immune system, for good care of the skin, blood vessels and gums. It also facilitates proper metabolic processes and proper brain and mental function.

For all these processes to be carried out normally, it is necessary to consume the required Vitamin C in your diet. However, due to our current lifestyles we do not always get the recommended amounts, so you should supplement your diet with a source of these vitamins.

Choosing this new gummy format will make it easier than ever!

Vitamin C Up contains no sugar, adding not a single extra kcal to your diet.

One dose of 3 gummies a day provides 250% of the Vitamin C that a normal diet provides; this is more than enough and taking more gummies is not recommended.

It may be taken at any time of the day; in the morning with breakfast, for example, or simply whenever you wish, thanks to its intense flavor you'll want one any time.

No. Vitamin C Up, is developed with natural colors and aromas. What more could you ask for?

Calcium Up

Calcium is very important for proper mineralization of bones and for muscular function, but it is also important for calcium to be absorbed properly. The great thing about Calcium Up is that it not only provides calcium, but it is reinforced with Vitamins D and K, which are very important to facilitate absorption and assimilation of calcium in normal conditions. Rest assured that this product is used to the max!

Calcium Up contains no sugar, adding not a single extra kcal to your diet.

One dose of two gummies a day provides 31% of the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of calcium and 50% of Vitamins D3 and K. They can be taken whenever you wish; thanks to its fruity berry flavor, you'll want one any time.

No. Calcium Up, is developed with natural colors and aromas. What more could you ask for?

Melatonin Up

Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the body and is in charge of regulating sleep-wake cycles. On occasion, these cycles become deregulated and in these circumstances, it may be very useful to take a melatonin-based supplement that promotes deep restful sleep.

Melatonin is also used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

No. Melatonin Up contains no sugar, adding not a single extra kcal to your diet.

No. Melatonin Up is developed with natural colors and aromas. What more could you ask for?

One Melatonin Up gummy should be taken 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

Multivit Up

Because meeting your daily vitamin and mineral requirements with Multivit Up is now much easier, simple and also much more enjoyable.

No. Multivit Up contains no sugar, adding not a single extra kcal to your diet.

The daily dose of Multivit Up is 2 gummies a day.

It may be taken at any time of the day. A good moment could be in the morning with breakfast, helping you face the day with all the energy you need.

Joint Up

Joint Up is developed using a combination of ingredients providing health benefits and joint care.

No. Joint Up contains no sugar, adding not a single extra kcal to your diet.

No. Joint Up is developed with natural colors and aromas. What more could you ask for?

Your daily dose of gummies may be taken any time. Its strawberry flavor is very enjoyable, so you'll want one any time!

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